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Vipros 30-50-80 King

    Frame Construction

Bridge Type

    Press Capacity

30 Tonnes (294 kN)

    Press Type

High Speed Hydraulic Servo Ram

    Axis Traverse Distance

1270 x 2000 mm

    Workable Max. Sheet Size (with auto repositioning)

1270 x 4000 mm

    Maximum Material Thickness

3.2 mm mild steel

    Max. Hole Dia. Max. Material

82 mm dia. (shearing strength 36 kg/mm2)

    Max. Material Weight

75 Kg

    Max. Material Weight (Max.Speed)

50 Kg

    Max. Hole Dia.

114.3 mm

    Number Of Stations

58 Stations: A STN: 24 x 12.7 mm B STN 24 x 31.7 mm C STN 4 x 50.8 mm D STN 2 x 88.9 mm Auto Index: B STN 2 x 31.7 mm E STN 2 x 114.3 mm

    Axis Speed

113.0 m/min

    Hits Per Minute (2mm Pitch) (8mm Pitch) (25mm Pitch)

860 H.P.M./3 mm stroke 560 H.P.M./3 mm stroke 460 H.P.M./3 mm stroke

    Turret Speed Bi-Directional

30 R.P.M.

    Punching Accuracy

± 0.1 mm

    Ram Stoke Length (maximum)

40 mm

    Tool Lubrication

Air Blow System

    Axis Drive

AC Servo Motor

    Turret Drive

AC Servo Motor

    Electric Power Required

28 kVA 400V +/- 10% 50Hz

    Air Pressure Required

5.0 kgf/cm2

    Cooling Water Flow

Min 40 1/min.

    Machine Length

4580 mm

    Machine Width

4120 mm

    Machine Height

2450 mm (3050 mm to mirror)

    Machine Weight

16000 KG

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* With CNC Controller


  • CNC Controller siemens
  • Sheet Mattel Software Programming and Nesting
  • Tooling

Service (Optional)

  • Machine Operating Training
  • Sheet Metal Software Training
  • Commissioning
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract )


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