CNC Press Brake :: S series




  • WCM PB series of CNC press brake has a solid and rigid frame designed ensuring minimum deflection even during full load operation.
  • Design is based on Synchronized bed reference principle with Y1-Y2 beam control.
  • The Position of the press beam is continuously monitoring by measuring system.
  • The Measuring system consist of linear glass scales mounted on separate sub “C” frame fixed on the lower machine beam
  • The electronic scales are fixed on either side of the press beam, providing a continuous feedback to the CNC unit regarding actual position of the press beam, with respect to the table.
  • Machine offers press beam depth accuracy of ±0.01 mm with high repeatability.
  • The parallelism between press beam and table is maintained with electronic measuring system Y1-Y2.
  • Machine is with direct-angle programming feature. Also is ideal for multiple angle bending in a particular profile.
  • With Y1 -Y2 control the press beam can be used with eccentric load, while bending short length jobs. Off center of the machine. This without affecting quality or accuracy of machine.
  • Due to use of proportional Hydraulic, the exact force required for the job is calculated by the controller is exerted thereby resulting in the power.
  • Press beam tilting is available up to ±1mm for the machine tonnage up to 120 ton and above 150 ton will be with ±2 mm as standard features.
  • Machine structure parts are machined is single set up ensuring very high accuracy on parallelism between top beam & lower table over entire bed length and high perpendicularity accuracy over the entire stroke length on upper beam movement with respect to the table length.
  • Machine is designed & manufactured to ensure very precise Backguage setting throughout the length across the back gauge beam.
  • Machine offers vibration force movement throughout the stroke length, even at extended dwell time and increased / reduced speed.
  • Machine can be adapted to different type of tool design i.e. European design, Low cost Japanese design, modify design

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