CNC press brake :: E series




  E series models are designed to be flexible & reliable offering more standard features than other brands in their price class extra value is achieved by addition of crowning system back gauge heavy steel framed and weight of machine , imported controller , touch screen colour display with high step and bend memory , tool library

  E series CNC press brake models are based on y1 y2 cylinders synchronised parallelism of ram and through electronic controller. steel frame is rigidly welded mono block and constructions is designed to absorb under load steel framed is machined on 8 meters length floor boring machine having DRO , machining is done is a such a way with reference to both cylinders plate and table in 90degree at cylinders slide table and facing , drilling work is one set up , for long cylinder life and machine accuracy

  Cylinders are made from high quality steel precisely machined on CNC, VMC & honned. Ram travel through rolling bearing with eccentric setting to minimized slid play out to achieve smooth travel and to beam tilt. fully electronic synchronization with servo valve

  Technology of Horebiger assures continues at correction of y1 y2 parallelism through CNC controllers. y1 y2 measurement feed back and stroke depth measurement through imported electronic linear scales up to 5 micron resolution

  ADS - Anti Deflection System

  CNC X axis back gauge travel on ball screw and hard crome rod.CNC x axis Back gauge driven by A.C. Servo motor (Imported make)with encoder with close loop controller

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  • Sheet Mattel Software Programming and Nesting
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